SEO Service Process

The Starting Point - We provide you with a free SEO audit report. You can find a free report here to the left or on the left side of the Free SEO Audit page.

What will I receive in the Free SEO Report?

This Audit contains an SEO Analysis on the bases of specific tools which shows where and how we begin with SEO. With this report we will recommend the amount of keywords you need from one of our packages.

  • On page SEO analysis
  • Off page SEO analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Recommendations

What will I need to provide for me to get started?

Choose an SEO package, fill out the SEO intake form and make your initial 1st month payment.

We will need access to:

  • Website
  • Search Console
  • Analytics
  • Competitors List
  • Business Info

We will need approval of:

  • Business Descriptions
  • On page checklists
  • Other specified requests

Kindly find the explanation below around these points.

In the first month of SEO, these are the things that will be asked of you to be provided or approved.

Business Information: We will send an intake form for you to fill out with your business information. As soon as this information is received, we will start working on link building activities linked with this.

Business Descriptions: We will send 5 pieces of business descriptions for approval. These will be used in online submission of business. As soon as it's approved, we will start submitting them.

Website Credentials: We will request website credentials (CMS + FTP + Hosting) that are required for multiple SEO activities like On Page SEO, Meta Tags Optimization, installation of Analytics & Search Console, Errors Fixing and others).

Analytics Access: If Google analytics is already installed on the website, we will first request access and in case, agency or end client doesn’t have access to installing analytics, we will install the new one.

Google Business Place Access: If local SEO is included, for 20 or more keyword packages, we will request access to a place.

Approvals of Checklists: To assure quality and consistency, we submit multiple checklists like On Page Checklist, Blog Optimisation Checklists that need approval.

  • SSL Certificate/HTTPS (Hosting can be contacted for this though we help in the implementation of HTTP to HTTPS version, no charges for this)

Once the process is on a monthly basis, we send them the reports to review, but if there is anything to approve then these are listed down.

Monthly Approvals of Checklists: We submit multiple checklists at intervals for approvals. These need approvals:

Monthly Recommendations: We keep on suggesting at intervals, so we will need the Agency’s assistance and feedback then.

Most other website work and all design requests are NOT included as part of the SEO programs offered.

All such changes can still be completed by our website development team however they will be completed under our website maintenance service with the associated costs invoiced.

What will be included in the project through the months:

  • Fixing On Page SEO errors
  • Optimizing meta tags, content, URLs, etc
  • Installing Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools
  • Setting blogs and blog posts
  • Replacing duplicate content with updated content you provide
  • Adding pages to support the SEO program
  • Installation of codes that support the SEO program