Social Media Management

This service is a brand level management service starting with the management of a minimum of three social media platform profiles. (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are highly preferred by majority brands):

  • The second style of service is a platform specific standalone management service
  • Additional profiles can be cost effectively added to the basic service
  • Platforms we can look after include: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest

This service entails profile review and recommendations:

  • 3 social media profiles
  • 18 post with captions
  • Clients Content Distribution - Images, videos, blogs,etc
  • Content Analysis
  • Google Analytics integration for Web Traffic Report
  • Reporting Analysis and Recommendations

Managing Social Media profiles is very time consuming. Remember, social media management is an all the time task, not a once in a while task.

When local resources or employees are utilized, it either gets very distracting and expensive for a business to do it themselves.

To achieve the objective effectively our services and processes are mapped to ensure....

In order for us to provide a high level of social media management service, we created a process that verifies we understand each one of our client's brands.

Secondly, we keep our team’s skills (for each social media platform) up to date, ensuring our services are as effective as possible for the long term. Some measures of effectiveness could include:

  • Audience growth
  • Reach growth
  • Quality engagement
  • Traffic to your website

By maintaining a team of consultants that ONLY do social media, professionals that live it and breathe it, we ensure that the work we are doing on behalf of your clients has the maximum potential to meet goals.

Social Media Management Indicative Process

Initial Month

  • Initial Skype Briefing
  • Complete and agree on Social Media Marketing brief
  • Social Media platform analysis and recommendations
  • Content Creation for platforms as required
  • Graphic Design
  • Captions
  • Meeting to review and approve content
  • Direct Marketing for all platforms where required

Regular Monthly Work:

Marketing strategy includes basic advertising budget to assist with content designed around key areas of the business of your client

  • Month end report of the campaign is generated one day after the last post is scheduled
  • High engaging areas are identified and are added to content strategy
  • The next month content strategy is initiated immediately after the first post of approved then the calendar goes live.
  • The content is sent for review and approval.
  • The approved calendar is scheduled accordingly